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Using Social Media Successfully

Follow These "Tricks of the Trade"   Like all things, there are techniques for using social media successfully. We usually call them the “tricks of the trade.” They’re also not usually things that we find in a book, for example “post at 3pm on Sundays!” We...

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The Severity of Copyright Infringement

Be Aware of Copyright Infringement PenaltiesMany people are accustomed to the 21st century sharing mentality: share videos, share photos, share links, etc. This is a business person’s dream! Free marketing! We encourage one another to take what we have and give it to...

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Don’t Be Stuck Behind Your Desk

Delegate Work by Tasks In every business there are two kinds of people: the talent and the paper pushers. In all actuality, the “paper pushers” are managers and their talent – their passion - is organizing and optimizing. Imagine a car with square tires. The car can...

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