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Capitalize on Your Brand Image

Your brand is the “vibe” and “personality” your company represents to the public. Victoria’s Secret has a brand that makes women feel girly, sexy, and adored. When women purchase from their store, they become an “angel.” What girl doesn’t want to feel like an angel? Be it a perfect goodie-goodie angel or a dark angel, everyone can come to Victoria’s Secret and “get their wings.”

Old Navy is the brand for people looking for affordable and stylish fashion – the everyday person’s fashion outlet. Ferrari makes cars with power, making you feel powerful an prestigious for driving it.

So what is your brand’s identity or “vibe?”


Building Brand Identity for Growth and Opportunities

Unless your product or service is specific in nature – i.e. pacifiers are specific to babies and no one else – then do not specify your brand to an age, race, gender, or country. Keep your options for growth open to all possibilities. However, you do want to specify your brand in your corporate message.

What is your company’s message? It’s the purpose of your company. Why did you create it? What void does it fill in people’s lives? What makes your service different? What sets you apart?

Once you have that answer, create a list of words that describes what that “vibe” – your brand – looks like. Is it warm, fresh, vibrant, relaxing, inspiring, patriotic, tough, militaristic? Choose the colors, font, and style that will be consistent to all of your content. Also, choose the “voice” that is right. Having these things be consistent will make your content stand out.

Whenever you see a red background with white letters and a few dots, you know it’s Coca-Cola. It doesn’t matter what the billboard says or commercial does, you’re immediately thinking of Coke. Have your brand be so stand-out and unique to you that as soon as someone sees it, they think of you.

Girl Friday Group Can Help

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