20 Hours You Could Be Spending Elsewhere

Should you outsource your social media? Ask Girl Friday Group how.

Studies show that businesses – especially small businesses – spend close to 20 hours on social media every week. Every week! That’s two and a half days of full time work you’re spending each week on Facebook and not on the business itself.

Should you outsource social media activity? Could that time can be better spent on marketing in the public, having meetings, webinars, creating new content and programs?

Part of marketing is having a personal relationship with those who are selling you. Whether you have wholesalers who are representing your company to agents, or your clients who are driving referrals to you, the relationship – not just the service you provide – is incredibly important in making you and your business stand out. How are your relationships? They can always be deeper, or grow wider. How about your innovation? Do you have time to be creative in your work and create new and unique products for your clients? Could you benefit from 20 extra hours each week to do these things? What about 20 extra hours to be with your kids? Family? Friends? Traveling? Exercising? 20 hours every week can change your life in every area, depending on what you do with it.


Get Your Time Back

How do you get these hours back? You hire someone. Yes, it’s that simple. You do want to make sure this person is ready and able with the following credentials:

  • Is knowledgeable in social media; what’s trending, what’s popular, and what techniques are successful
  • Is currently working as a social media marketer. You do not want someone who does this as a side job, because then this is just 20 hours on their workweek not doing their passion, which means weaker results. Get people who this IS their passion!
  • Is committed to talking with you to get your “voice.” Your audience should never know someone else is doing your media, so constant communication is key!

Girl Friday Group Can Help

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